About seminars in English

Pasha Schneiderman is a passionate Thai Massage instructor based in Moscow, Russia. He is certified as instructor by ITM Massage School, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Combining ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophy with Western style of explanation, he helps his students not only to learn specific techniques and methods of massage but also to develop intuition, creativity and ability to feel oneself. In his opinion, practice of Thai Massage could be a tool to discover inner self and achieve a peace of mind. He also believes that practice of this bodywork could be very beneficial for the physical state of giver as well as the receiver. He teaches classes throughout the Russia, heading a widespread community of his students. He also runs seminars in Chiang Mai, Thailand and in Goa, India. He lived in Thailand and studied Thai Massage in different Chiang Mai schools and with famous local root masters. He also studied classical Russian Massage, Craniosacral therapy and Osteopathy approaches, Psychosomatic Massage, Yumeiho Therapy, Russian Abdominal Massage and other body practices, including Tai Chi. He taught yoga in Moscow.

Thai Massage is a comprehensive bodywork modality that includes therapeutic stretching, joint mobilization, rhythmic deep-tissue compression, toning of energy lines, acupressure, assisted hatha yoga poses. Combination of this influences creates a powerful cumulative effect of balancing all body-mind structure. Rooted in the Indian Ayurvedic medical practice, Thai Massage is a unique form of Oriental bodywork based on energy balance theory of health and healing. Although the origins of this ancient tradition date back over 2,500 years, Thai Massage is still popular and widely practised in Thailand today, quickly spreading throughout the world lately.

Thai Massage offers benefits that are multi-level by removing the obstructions that cause illness within the body, the most notable effects being an opening of tight joints, relief of pain, a lengthening of muscles, and a very deep sense of well-being and relaxation.

Benefits of receiving Thai massage include:

- relief of muscle pain, tension and stress
- deep relaxation
- increases flexibility, joint mobility and range of motion
- spinal adjustment
- improved circulation
- increased energy level
- helps to heal long term injuries
- balances the energy flow through the body
- helps strengthen the immune system by eliminating toxins in the system

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